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K) Teamwork Rubric

This rubric is designed to assess individual performance within a team.

Communication Yes Iffy No N/A
Listens attentively to others without interrupting.
Clarifies with others have said to ensure understanding.
Articulates ideas clearly and concisely.
Gives good reasons for ideas.
Wins support from others.
Decision Making
Analyzes problems from different points of view.
Applies logic in solving problems.
Offers solutions based on facts rather than “gut feel” or intuition.
Solicits new ideas from others.
Generates new ideas.
Accepts change.
Acknowledges issues that the team needs to confront and resolve.
Encourages ideas and opinions even when they differ from his/her own.
Works toward solutions and compromises that are acceptable to all involved.
Shares credit for success with others.
Encourages participation among all participants.
Accepts criticism openly and non-defensively.
Cooperates with others.
Monitors progress to ensure that goals are met.
Puts top priority on getting results.
Defines task priorities for work sessions.
Encourages others to express their views even when they are contrary.
Stays focused on the task during meetings.
Uses meeting time efficiently.
Suggests ways to proceed during work sessions.